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3/ Exceptions

3a/ Implied Permission

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This includes and is not limited to the following...

  • The user must "scroll down" to locate the hyperlink
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  • Obfuscating words and sentences, used in or around the hyperlink

3c/ In Addition

The review or link page must not contain any subversive links or popup consoles or redirection's or any other element which in effect cause the user to be involuntarily taken to another web site which is not related to the Rebel Strip Poker ™ web site

4/ Expressly Forbidden

Sites cannot contain Links to, trademarked or copyright material from this web site. If those same sites contain any illegal or unacceptable content

This content includes, but are not limited to the following...

  • Child Pornography
  • Bestiality
  • Software Cheats
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  • Software Hacking Tools
  • Newsgroups which deal in software cheats, hacks or tools designed to bypass copyright protection contained in any software
  • Hyperlinks to any of the above

5/ subject to change

This document is subject to change over time.

6/ documentation of rights

If you wish to use any copyright material from this site under the terms and conditions enclosed herein, It is recommended that you print this page including the watermark.

7/ addendum

  • Windows® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
  • Hyperlink refers to the normal interpretation, ie: a textual or pictographic image where a user can activate the "link" and which causes the users browser to load the information contained at the linked site or web page.
  • User refers to the viewer of the web page as viewed in his or her web browser

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