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The exact informations differs from bank to bank but the merchant will appear as "Rebel Software, Australia" or a variant of that
This can be caused by a multimedia codec not being installed correctly, recently Microsoft chose to stop including the required codec with its XP range
Download the latest version of the software Here.
Note* download the "game only"
This problem is believed to be caused by the activity of a virus.
Download the latest version of the software Here.
Note* download the game only if you already have the opponent
Please go here for more information autoexec.nt
After installing the game, your should have a link on your desktop "Rebel Strip Poker"
you can also use the start menu under Rebel Software
ie: START => Programs => Rebel Software => Rebel Strip Poker

The software seems to have not installed correctly.
please do the following...

  1. browse to c:\rebel
  2. find msmpeg4.inf
  3. right click on it and select "install"
  4. now try the game
  5. please report any messages that occur and what operating system you are running Ie: win98 etc...
Shell.dll is part of your windows installation. Having it missing suggests that your computer is missing some important files that are preventing it from working If this system file is not working it indicates that you MAY have a virus on your computer, it also may mean your antivirus software fixed the problem but deleted that very important file.
  • First run a FULL virus check on your machine.
  • Then start the system file checker
    • START => RUN => type in SFC and click on OK
  • this will scan your system for missing files and replace them
  • after this then make sure you go to Microsofts website and download any updates
  • then run your virus checker again to make sure

DO NOT USE PROGRAMS LIKE KAZAA they are an open invitation for viruses. When servicing my friends computers I refuse to do anything until they stop using such services, I am wasting my time otherwise.

I suggest also downloading lavasofts "adaware" program it detects a lot of spyware.
be careful of spyware removal tools a lot are simply spyware tools themselves

Please go here to find out about Registration Keys

After purchasing a new computer or formatting the hard drive your access codes may no longer function. You need to re-enter them.

This happens if you re-install Rebel Strip Poker and you do not use the same information that you originally supplied to the program. most often the password is forgotten.

If you have your old Access Codes and remember those details then

    • Delete the file called "rebel.key"
    • Start the game
    • When asked answer 'No' to re-using the old Registration
    • Enter the requested information
    • Start each opponent and enter their access codes.
If you do not have the old access codes or do not remember your password
    • Start the game
    • Click on Registration
    • Copy down your Registration Key
    • Go to My Page
    • Update your Registration Key (if required)
    • Resend your receipts, they will have the (new) Access Codes on them
  1. proceed to the site and download the software
  2. install the game and free opponent.
  3. run the game and get the registration key from the game
  4. go to mypage
  5. enter the registration key and click on update
  6. then resend receipts
This will send new access codes and the download locations for all purchased opponents
For a basic description of how to play Rebel Strip Poker please click here
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