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Payment Method..

Manual Form via E-mail

    Sometimes the electronic form won't accept your valid credit card in this case use this method

Please note this method is not secure and not recommended
  1. fill in the Manual Form details as instructed. Here
  2. Press the button at the bottom of the manual order page.
  3. The form will be processed manually within 48 hours.

Check(cheque) or Bank Draft by Post

  1. Fill in the Manual Form details as instructed. Here
  2. Print the form,( or copy down the details if you don't have a printer).
  3. Draw an International Bank Draft (check), for the required amount in US dollars converted to Australian Dollars.
    (conversion can be very expensive in the US. For us to do the conversion for you, add an extra US$7.00 to the total amount in US Dollars.)
    in the favour of...
    • Rebel Software
  4. Mail the form and Check to us with a return address on the back if something goes wrong, you don't want to blow your money do you?
    • Rebel Software
    • 21 James St.
    • Prospect
    • South Australia
    • Australia 5082
  5. Your authorisation numbers and download links will arrive by email within 24 hours of receipt of your money order.
  6. Expect a 14 day delay for normal air mail from the US to Australia

Pay Pal or MoneyBookers

Unfortunately both these companies do not allow the use of their services for Adult Related Products.
Please review the other available methods of payment.


  • Entry for Competitions and Specials will be judged from postmark date or fax receipt date.
  • Sorry only Australian cheques OR International Bank Drafts, can be accepted.
  • All cheques and International Bank Drafts are to be in Australian dollars, Let the bank do the calculations for you. EG: US$9.95 is aproximately AUS$15.00.
  • If you cannot print this form, create a legible, handwritten form.
  • for International posted orders please allow 14 days for mail to arrive, it can be bloody slow, unless you send it express post, then we get it within four days.
Strip Poker Manual Order Instructions
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